iLightBox 3D™ Dream LED Lights 2.0

iLightBox 3D™  Dream LED Lights 2.0 - iLightBox 3D®

iLightBox 3D™ Dream LED Lights 2.0

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✰ iLightBox 3D™ Dream LED Lights 2.0 allows you to experience color like you never have before! With a touch of a button, our smartphone Bluetooth controller will light your room up in style for a vibe that can't be matched.

What makes our Dream Lights 2.0 so special?

Our Dream Lights 2.0 use RGBIC technology to allow a more spectacular lighting experience due to the independent Chips placed into the LED Strips. This gives our light strips unique features such as:

  • Over 90 chasing modes

  • Different scene lighting modes such as Sunrise, Movie, Candlelight, and Meteor Shower

  • Brighter color display

  • Lower power consumption

Our chasing/rainbow mode allows up to 5 colors to be displayed at the same time either chasing one another at either a fast, medium, or slow pace. The seemingly hypnotizing display shows just how good RGBIC lighting is.  

These are just a few of the benefits RGBIC provides over standard RGB LED Light strips. Making it perfect for parties and making your friends jealous. Our Dream Lights 2.0 are the perfect setup for any event and can even be the perfect gift for kids!

Your room will thank you!

Bonus Features

  • Over 16 million custom color combinations
  • Low power consumption
  • Different spectral flashing modes
  • Haptic lighting (the lights sync with your music and pulse with the beat)
  • Can adjust brightness and pulse speeds
  • Sticks to surfaces with 3M adhesive tape
  • Control with our free app on your phone or tablet
  • Compatible with all smart devices (Such as Alexa & Google Home)

What's in the box?:

✧ iLightBox 3D™ Dream LED Lights 2.0 (Strips)

✧Bluetooth Remote Control

✧ Power Supply 

 Commonly Asked Questions:
1. How many rolls come in each box? The combination of the number of rolls you receive depends on the length you purchase. 1 Roll = 16.4FT or 32.8FT.


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